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There is clear evidence: RENOLIT ALKORPLAN membranes have no significant impact on runoff rainwater quality. At least that’s what a recent test from the Belgian consultancy Labo Derva revealed. During 24 hrs of continuous dynamic contact between RENOLIT PVC roofing membrane and rainwater, no notable increases in concentration of inorganic or organic components were observed.

This implies that runoff rainwater from a RENOLIT ALKORPLAN roof can be safely reused for domestic applications in house and garden (toilet flushing, washing machine, garden watering, etc. …)

Rainwater harvesting is more and more a condition to get a building permit approval. Besides, we all want to reduce our water bills and ensure a sustainable future for our water resources…

The test report is already available in 3 languages (ENG-FR-NL) and can be found on our roofing website under the heading “Environment”.