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Before your thoughts flow the wrong direction: HoTT stands for House of Tomorrow Today.

This new Dutch concept is based on both the Smart Building and Active House principles. It tries to gather recent innovations as well as new technological developments in one project, entirely in line with future market trends.

From the very beginning HoTT gathers all parties involved in order to have a smooth building process and thus limiting the number of contacts and intermediaries. Compared with traditional building methods this optimal cooperation already results in at least a 30 % cost reduction. But also the construction itself is worth mentioning. HoTT strives for prefabrication and modular building components, resulting in a decrease of project schedules, project budget and construction site waste. Although prefabrication had over time developed a stigma of cheapness and poor quality, it has nowadays turned into a green trend in construction.

The first HoTT healthy home in the Netherlands has just been completed. Comfort, energy and technology are the main issues. It is a house with comfortable living conditions, a lot of natural light and fresh air. And, above all it is energy neutral, modular and durable, trying in this way to reduce its ecological footprint. Electrical wiring, plumbing and wall components can all be easily adapted in view of future adjustments and needs of the building.

Both sloping roofs are prefabricated steel frame structures with insulation, vapour barrier and roof covering already included, allowing a fast and easy installation. The less sloping, south facing roof has a RENOLIT ALKORPLAN PVC roof covering, provided with aesthetic ALKORDESIGN roof profiles.
Part of the roof also has solar panels which have been installed on RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR profiles.
The building is being constantly evaluated by means of sensors, thus gathering the knowledge to continuously improve and develop future HoTT buildings. The concept will not only be applicable for detached housing, further developments will also aim at terraced houses, schools, hospitals, ets.

This project proves once again RENOLIT is a reliable «green» partner, a company that is responding to the growing demand for ecological products by offering systainable building materials.
It’s the first HoTT of hopefully many more…