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A Dutch reference that cannot go unnoticed: the College of Goes.

Ecologically sound, energy efficient and maintenance friendly…key words that one would not at all associate with the average school building. That is why Goes College should be definitely be put in the spotlight: a modern looking and multifunctional school building with an ecological vision.

North-facing class rooms, daylighting and proper insulation are the major measures that contribute to the building’s energy efficiency. On top of that, sensors are continuously measuring the CO2 level, temperatures, the light intensity as well as any movement. In this way heating, cooling, lighting and fresh air supply are regulated automatically to meet the needs of the situation.
And here’s where RENOLIT comes in! Quite in line with the ecological intention of the architect, some 400 m² of photovoltaic panels, providing the College’s energy, have been fixed to the roof by means of RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR profiles.

Apart from the ecological measures, the architects also wanted to reduce the maintenance costs to a minimum. So already the facade is finished with maintenance free slate tiles, combined with white, easy to clean aluminium panels, which give the exterior of the school a remarkable appearance. Also on the inside of the building some small measures have been taken. For instance, thin skirting boards, high melamine wall protection, no mirrors above the sinks…all to avoid dust and dirt which require regular maintenance.
Definetely a college with a smart vision…